Congratulations on purchasing your new Toyota GR sports car! You will find a wealth of great products and information in the high performance driving community. G-LOC Brakes would like to welcome you with a one-time discount of 30% on one or two axle sets of pads.

Simply call us at 844-927-2537 or email us at to get your order going. Please use Discount Code GLOCTGR to have your 30% discount applied to your order of one car set of brake pads.


The G-LOC™ GS-1 is our high-performance street friendly compound. GS-1 produces very little dust and very little noise, while maintaining excellent initial bite and torque for street and light track use. This compound offers excellent performance, providing incredible braking force without ABS intervention. The GS-1 is suitable for ALL street cars. The GS-1 works great for the street, autocross, and HPDE-1.


The G-LOC™ R8 is our most versatile compound for dual purpose use. The R8 is a high torque brake compound with a wide operating temperature range of 74°F-1250°F+ (23°C to 676°C+). It provides exceptional initial bite along with excellent modulation and release characteristics, along with extremely high fade resistance, while still being very rotor friendly. The R8 is perfect for use both on the track with any tire and can still be driven safely on the street with elevated levels of dust and noise.

G-LOC™ R12

The G-LOC™ R12 elevates on track braking performance even higher. This pad features excellent initial bite, high and consistent torque, and outstanding fade resistance with an operating temperature range of 173°F to 1860°F (78°C to 1015°C). The G-LOC™ R12 continues our excellent release and modulation characteristics that have been engineered into all other G-LOC™ compounds. The R12 is perfect for the track day enthusiast. This pad is not recommended for use on the street due to extremely elevated levels of dust and noise.

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